Adult Day Service Program

We are especially pleased with our services to over 21 population. Although there are many different types of programs offering daily educational services to people who are disabled, not many of them are able to continue programs to individuals who are beyond the age of 21. Those that do generally have some sort of required entrance skill levels for clients such as self-help or vocational skills. North Center, however, has always taken the position that a client’s educational needs do not suddenly end at the 21st birthday. We provide a day training program for our clients for as long as it is needed, regardless of their skill levels. Physical, and speech therapy. Social work and nursing services are available when necessary. Many of our clients would simply not be able to receive such service in any other setting.

North Center’s Adult Day Service Program is funded by the Department of Human Services, private funds, and donations. The program serves individuals with developmental disabilities. Our staff works with clients and their families/guardians to help them develop individual Service Plans that will meet their specific needs.

Program Includes:
Functional Skills
Daily Living Skills
Vocational Skills
Arts and Crafts
Community Outings
Recreational Activities
Special Olympics
Sensory Integration
Language and Communication
Conflict Resolution
Money Skills
Building Relationships