Family Support Program

North Center for Handicapped children recognizes that a daily education program, while extremely important, is not going to meet all of the individual’s or their family’s needs. There are many problems involved with raising and maintaining a person who is severely disabled, in the local community. With this in mind, we have developed a number of supportive services for these families. They included: In-Home Respite, After School Program, Saturday Recreational Program, and Family Support Program. These services from an important part of the continuum of support services necessary to ensure that every person who has a disability will be able to reach his or her own full potential.

The Family Support Program is designed to provide specialized services to enable the person who is developmentally disabled to live successfully in the community environmental, to be an integral member of his or her family, to become a functioning member of the community, and to achieve social integration in the community. The program staff works with families and provides a range of services, family training and education, behavioral training, counseling, life skills training, and information and referrals. Family Support Program offers bilingual staff to provide a wide range of services.